Thursday, October 25, 2012

just wanna eff

is that so wrong?  lets get back to work!  meet my friend Atrio <3  here he is helpin deedee workit out. he is a good sport and is always ready to pleaze me!  dont ya just love meeting random strangers who are so eager and willing to give you their big fat meat?  he never fails to check in and make sure im completely satisfied~!   what a good boy!   stay tuned .. i think i will add a few more hot bois here...they deserve the recognition and i deserve to sit on their hot cox <3

Monday, September 24, 2012


omg! I'm not sure if its really true that she is back...for good,  but if she is I can finally be happy again! To any of you who never met luzia, you are missing out! and to those of you who have, stop laughing! She is an animated angel and she is a pleasure to call my friend.  I hope she allows me to use her as a dolly as she has occasionally done in the past!  If so, prepare yourself for nonstop fun and amazement..or is that amusement?  IDK but really! we are silly and we are perfect opposites!  how can that not be fun!?  I so missed you Luzia, welcome back to this crazy world of utter nothingness! <3 deedee

Friday, September 7, 2012

kinda mad

Ever want something in life that you just cant have?   It doesnt get any easier either.  I highly reccomend punching the thing that prevents you from getting the thing that you want, and then at least maybe you'll feel better?!  For me that'd mean i have to punch myself in the tummeh so...  no.  siiiiiigh....  Someone!  Eat a cupcake for deedee!?  >:[